Hallucinations while meditating

So recently (2 months) I started to meditate almost every day to help with my ADHD.

4 days ago after around 20 minutes in meditation state, strange visual images started to appear (eyes closed, crossed legs):

First encounter (4 days ago):

Something that looked like blue tentacle appeared from the dark, it scared me and I immediately opened my eyes.

Second time (3 days ago):

Next day I saw first person vision of me holding my phone that had something that looked like blue Japanese dragon flying over the forest on the screen, and again I immediately opened my eyes.

Third time (yesterday):

This time I tried to stay longer in this state.

At first I started to see red and green "bubbles" that had dmt like patterns in them (I have a lot of experiences with psychedelics). After couple minutes of watching them they disappeared, I got up and drank water and returned to meditation, and this time I saw a woman standing in front of me and watching directly at me, she had curly hair and she was dressed in black summer dress, after couple seconds she started to walk directly at me and I immediately opened my eyes.

All of those hallucinations looked really sharp and clear.

I will fully understand if most people won't believe me but those hallucinations are starting to frighten me.

Anyone had similar experiences and knows what causes them and how to handle them?

P.s I'm really sorry for possible grammar errors, English isn't my main language.

Hallucinations while Meditating

Hi, I've been meditating daily (Waking Up app) since January. I have started having psychedelic experiences doing the eyes open meditation. I see lights and colors mostly. They stop when I stop meditation. At first I thought, "great, I'm really getting somewhere". Now idk I feel like I should look into it more. I took acid 13 years ago and I think its pretty similar experience. No mental illness or psychological problems. (Since the acid trip I sometimes colors at night too) Thanks!

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