When you want to ask, “Am I doing it right?”

It is natural and normal to wonder if we are doing it "right" when we first begin to meditate. That is why I always recommend that an instructor/trainer be a part of those beginnings. A trainer can help you over any "bumps" in your path, such as wondering if you are doing it right, or if you encounter a deep-seated emotion about something you have forgotten or hidden from your self.

Meditation trains us to live and be in the present moment, instead of in the past and future like many other people. We focus on something that actually happens in the now, like our breathing or our chant of a mantra and so on, and over time we become accustomed to being in the present moment even when we are not meditating.

Meditation also, over time, trains us to become more and more aware, both of our self and of our surroundings. I like to envision climbing a mountain, I call it "Mt. Self-awareness". I pay attention to each hand- and foot-hold, carefully climbing and reaching a flat area. There I rest a bit and perhaps learn something about myself. After a short while I continue climbing, the higher I climb, the better I can "see".

Those of you who meditate or want to meditate are on a good path, so we hope your journey is filled with love, happiness and self-discovery, and may you everyday in every way get better and better! – Paine ✌

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