Trying to work out what type of meditation my friend is doing

Before you say "just ask her" hear me out.

A little while ago she opened up about the fact she had been doing meditation and would experience things normally associated with drug use through her meditation practice. She mentioned that in the past she had tried to talk to people about it but they usually shrugged it off as mental health issues – so it was a big deal for her to open up about it to me. They made it clear that they didn't want to tell me too much about it because she didn't want to be responsible for possibly letting bad energy in, which could be hard to let go of.

Long story short. I want to know what it is. I don't know if I want to dive right into it but I want to better understand its process and goal so I can see if it is something I might want to dive deeper into. Importantly I wholeheartedly sincerely believe my friend with what she told me.

Things she said that might help identify it:

  • lots of comments about seeing what reality really is, and that we are living in a fiction

  • lots of comments that meditation provided guidance and showed him where she was meant to be and when. Lots of stories that might be treated as being coincidental by many people provided reasons for her belief that what she was experiencing was real

  • comments that meditation was like what she had heard many drug trips described as being – ability to see higher purpose, the truth, to be guided by God (god was the word used but I'm not certain it wasn't God in a generic sense or a particular God).

  • they said they could literally lie down and close their eyes and – if they were needing guidance for something they could make this meditative state happen and find the answers. Could even make it happen in a busy room if they needed to but it would be harder.

  • said it wasn't transcendental or mindfulness – different to these

  • said I probably would have heard of it

  • did a bit of "prayer" hand gesture while talking about it – though unclear if this was an intentional thing or part of the practice.

Does anyone have any thoughts. I ask because of genuine interest. I've had a lot of rough things go on in my life recently and if what she does would help me I would love to dip my toes in a little bit and see.

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