I can be enough

I've been meditating daily for about 7 months now. It started as a component of my recovery from substance abuse, but has grown into so much more…

Sitting today, after an emotional morning, I found the voice inside asking "Why aren't you enough? Why don't you feel like you're enough?"

Yet, these thoughts weren't negative. They weren't the usual self-centred fears I tend to observe.

They were thoughts showing me my humanism, that the only sense of enough I can ever achieve will come from within, within myself and the connection to others. To breathe, to oneness.

It's like i was being shown – I can be enough.

I don't think I've felt hope like this ever in my life. Hope for the present moment. Hope for life.

I cried in the moment entangled in a deep sense of gratitude for this practice and my journey. It was a very simple yet profound moment and I just wanted to share.

Have you felt some shifts in your relationship with self through meditation? Would love to hear if so.

Sending warmth. Be well.

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