Anything that helps restlessness in meditation?

It seems like every time I sit down to meditate and relax I just cannot unwind or think anything other than “this is so uncomfortable, I can’t wait till this is over”. For example a few days ago I meditated for a whole hour and I had to keep my brain occupied by counting to 700 in multiples of 7 to try and get my attention away from how restless, bored and restricting the meditation felt. It’s not the position I’m in either, even in comfortable positions like lying down I still feel so restless. I understand that it may be a symptom of my depression, and if so maybe there isn’t much I can really do about it. It’s like every time I bring attention to the body instead of noticing how relaxed I am like I’m supposed to I just end up noticing how tense and restless and uncomfortable I feel. How do I stop making meditation such a chore for myself?

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