Any no-nonsense, no-woo woo, scientific and logical guide to meditation and mindfulness?

Are there any good books written on meditation and mindfulness from a scientific no-nonsense perspective?

I'm started reading Mindfulness in Plain English by Gunaratana‎ seeing it being recommend in some threads on here and I am highly disappointed in this book. The book is poorly written firstly. Second, while the book doesn't talk about meditation from a religious perspective, which would be worse, the underlining theme of the book is chastising things that a man with a drive for life would do or enjoy. While the book outright doesn't mention it but the tone is that building things, earning money, hard work, sex and lust, greed, passion all are supposedly bad because they comes from a superficial level of the ego and the pleasure from them is temporary.

I am looking to read a book on meditation which doesn't put down these things. Something that just talks about meditation from a scientific and logical point of view and lets me decide what to do with the knowledge and does not turn into a fucking art of living book. Not some book which tries killing the drive for life just because the pleasure from few things is temporary and has the whole vegan buddhist living on a mountain vibe to it.

I'm looking for something like 10% Happier by Dan Harris where the author examines meditation from a skeptical and rational point of view. A book written by a normal driven guy with a strong understanding of logic, reality and skepticism. I've already added Waking Up by Sam Harris to my list as well as Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics by Dan Harris himself. Is there something more along those lines but written by someone having even more of an authority in this field?

Thank you

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