Looking for a meditation teacher. Losing hope

Hey guys, I’m currently a university student and over the past year I’ve had some very difficult traumatic experiences that have drastically changed my life and relationships with my friends and family. I have recently gotten into meditation and at first I was happy to have found a little bit of hope when learning this skill to deal with ptsd and anxiety from my past. However I feel like I am not mentally strong enough to learn on my own. I had very high hopes in my life, however some mistakes I’ve made have turned me into a terrible person, unable to see positivity in life. I still want to make changes to this world but feel like I am unable to due to my situation. I am shook every day by who I have become, and these changes are killing me. Have becomes nothing from what used to be a good and caring person. I’m looking for hope, someone or something that can teach me to live and love again like I used to. I am unable to continue living like this, and every day that goes by it gets more painful. If there is someone I can go to, or if anyone has any tips to combat this I’d greatly appreciate it.

I wrote on this page because after starting meditation that was the only thing that could help me out to relieve the trauma. I believe it’s the only that can really impact me. Please, if anyone has absolutely any suggestions I will devote my life to you. I’m truly serious.

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