Hey guys, I wrote an article about my thoughts on the Coronavirus Pandemic. Despite all the adverse impacts, I focus on the positives and how it ultimately presents a window into our spiritual self. I’d love to hear what you think of it!

Source: https://bekindbehappy.net/2020/04/21/my-thoughts-on-coronavirus-a-window-into-our-spiritual-self/

My Thoughts on Coronavirus | A Window Into Our Spiritual Self

I write this during increasingly tense global conditions. The Coronavirus Pandemic is claiming thousands of lives every day, border lockdowns and stay-at-home orders are becoming more and more prevalent, and social anxiety and restlessness are becoming an increasing problem. Not only that but the global financial systems and stock markets are also under significant pressure due to business shutdowns and drastic cuts in consumer spending, and millions of people are left without employment and household income while bills and expenses continue to pile up.

In every sense, the world is experiencing unprecedented volatility and uncertainty, but despite all this, I cannot help but feel optimistic. That there is light at the end of the tunnel. That we will come out of this stronger, wiser, and more united. There are many signs that this pandemic is developing our sense of awareness and heightening our collective consciousness, and that in the end, we will all become much better off. Let me share my thoughts on the Coronavirus situation.

Emphasis on essential industries breeds respect and appreciation

The entertainment and luxury industries have gone quiet which has focused our attention on the real sectors holding our countries together. Industries like health care, agriculture, waste management, distribution, and supermarkets are truly showing their importance to our nations and their people. In the past, it was so easy to take them for granted and value sports, gaming, luxury brands and entertainment above them. But in these desperate times, the majority can manage without watching football, going shopping, dining out, attending spas, salons, and concerts, yet it is becoming overwhelmingly apparent how much we depend on our nurses, doctors, grocery workers, cleaners, drivers and farmers.

I believe this shift in awareness of what truly matters for our survival and wellbeing will change our perspective towards the underappreciated industries of our society and deepen the appreciation for our essential workers and their contributions. By going back to basics, we return to our roots and this breeds gratitude, respect, and peace of mind, key ingredients for a happy life.

Shaking up the status quo

For a very long time, we have been operating in accordance with certain frameworks and systems simply because it’s the way things are. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing to follow systems because they also provide many benefits such as convenience, structure, and stability, but it can lead to us becoming complacent, uninspired, and even a little lazy. I am talking about the way we work, how we spend our free time, and where we derive our joy and happiness.

In the past, we typically followed a Monday to Friday, 9 am-5 pm work schedule because this is what everyone else is doing and going against the grain appeared risky and unorthodox. However, many businesses have been forced to restructure their operations, and this has led everyone to think creatively and critically about what system will work best for them. We have completely thrown out the status quo and gone back to basics to decide where value truly lies and how we can streamline processes to increase productivity and minimize wastage and redundant practices.

This also applies on a personal level as many are forced to contemplate how to allocate limited finances and excess free time to obtain the most value. Families are required to cut down on unnecessary spending and decide how to use their self-isolation times productively and effectively.

By shaking up the status quo, we have been forced out of our comfort zones, and think more critically about our circumstances to come up with solutions that suit best our varying situations. By not following reprogrammed structures, but requiring to solve our own problems, we are forced to think more deeply. This breeds maturity and insight.

A window into our spiritual self

Perhaps the greatest and most positive impact of this Coronavirus pandemic is that it reveals a window into our spiritual self. A byproduct of shaking up the status quo is that we must think for ourselves, contemplate solutions to our individual problems, and rely more heavily on our sources of strength and certainty.

This type of deep, critical thinking focuses the lazy, habitual mind that was conditioned to be a follower of social constructs and cultures. We must ask ourselves what is it we truly need, individually, for our own survival and wellbeing, accept what we cannot change, and plan for what we can control. This process helps us return to our roots and stop the overreliance on others such as our work, government, and external sources, that we cannot control. Instead, we must ask ourselves, ‘what can I do for myself and my dependents to get through this?’

Times are increasingly uncertain and no one can accurately predict what will happen next. Our income streams are no longer guaranteed, financial markets and political policies are increasingly unpredictable, and our very way of life will most likely be changed forever. In such times, we can no longer depend externally, and by focusing inward, we reveal a window to our spiritual self.

We begin to ask ourselves,

What do I need to live?

How can I become more self-sustainable, and self-reliant?

What sources of joy and pleasure remains?

How can I source my own peace and happiness?

The immediate answers are not as important as the thought process. Because by asking, we have already begun our spiritual journey, one in which the answers will only open up new doors, questions, and doubts. The answers we give ourselves to these questions will change the way we live our lives externally, which will be more focused and deliberate. Along the way, what works will breed joy and fulfillment. What doesn’t work will reveal new doubts and questions we must resolve.

Our task is to live in such a way that our thoughts and actions are in line and we view setbacks and obstacles merely as doors we must open. The more doors we open, the more problems we resolve, and the deeper we go into peace and truth. We use our spiritual compass to live out our lives and we slowly stop becoming a burden on others, but a source of experience, wisdom, and light.


My thoughts on Coronavirus is that despite its hugely adverse effects and negative consequences, it also presents many windows of opportunities and greatly beneficial openings. We learn which industries are most vital to our survival and wellbeing, we shake up the status quo which breeds critical thinking and problem solving, and we are offered an exclusive chance to embark on a profoundly rewarding spiritual journey.

We must accept the totality of this situation, with all its good and bad, and seek to transform a seemingly grim scenario into one that can serve as a tool for spiritual growth and personal development. What is happening now, we cannot change, but how we respond is entirely within our control.

May we all overcome these difficult and desperate times peacefully and productively so we can come out of it as better, wiser and more united. Sending out all my positive vibes to everyone around the world.

Thanks for reading,

Much love,


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