Telepathic Sex?

I tried asking this in a different forum, but they don’t take themselves seriously. Anyway, serious question.

Last night while meditating I started thinking about my ex. Then I started picturing my ethereal body in his room with him.

I used my mind to make his body relax to an almost hypnotic state. I floated above him and began to to use my Qi (a golden sparkling light) coming from my fingers to open up his chakras one by one (this guy is a narcissist so I thought he needed it). I imagined myself as a beautiful powerful Goddess in complete control of myself and he was completely hypnotized and in awe. (I’m pretty attractive by society’s standards in general, so I made it so that he was reminded tenfold)

Afterward, I visualized this golden energy I brought down from above and used it to open up his heart chakra even more (he has commitment issues). I connected his heart to mine with a golden chord (voice I believe maybe my higher self said it could be dangerous).

The weird part was that everything I did to him, I felt it myself. So I wondered if sex would feel the same.

So imagined myself in his room and me seducing him, something that we used to normally do. The thing is, when I pictured myself performing oral sex on him, I felt it! It was a different sensation, not something women feel!

I kept on going until we started having sex, it felt soooo different. Like it would from a man’s perspective I’m assuming. (Ladies. I see why they fool around a lot).

Afterward, I whispered things in his ear. In addition to that I used the Qi from above and empowered myself even more with it. I placed my palm on his chest and blasted his body with a steaming light opening up his heart and lighting up his body with energy blasting through. I whispered things in his ear and then left. I either sensed or imagined him yearning and wanting more.

Then I laid down and thought about it, but it felt like he was calling me to come back. So I returned and we had sex one more time. This time, I completely let go and I had an orgasm, but not like the way a women would. It felt different. (I even felt a sensation and a had a small amount of fluid leave), the way i imagine it feels for a man to ejaculate. Then I left him and shut off the connection.

I saw someone online said this was black magic. Is it? I’m a Buddhist and it didn’t seem real until it was.

I never thought it was possible, or I didn’t think I had the capability of doing it (though I’ve always been somewhat clairvoyant).

Somebody please tell me exactly what happened last night. Was it real? Every single thing i pictured myself doing to him, I felt it as if I were him.

Oh, and we had a pretty volatile relationship with a lot passion, ups and downs and love at this same time. I always believed him to be a karmic catalyst or something of the sort.

And did he feel it??? Or was it just me?

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