PROOF that you are NOT your thoughts/emotions OR the egoic self

Please feel free to copy and share with as many people as you like..

  1. Sit back in bed be comfortable and cross your legs with a gentle smile

  2. Take ur left hand and push your fingers into your chest. Be firm enough to notice but not too hard. This is your heart chakra. Feel it and feel your chest going up and down

  3. In your mind say "I promise myself, that I will NOT say or visualize anything for 10minutes. AND I will feel and be in the state of the Most PURE powerful INFINITE non conceptual ABSOLUTE LOVE"

  4. Gently close your eyes with that smile and Pretend as if you're looking Through that point Between ur eyebrows So. U can FEEL your heart chakra AND you are "looking" through your third eye The heart chakra is FEELING and the Third eye chakra is LOOKING

  5. Stay in this state and in about two minutes.. something will start to bubble up. It will sound EXACTLY like your voice And it will say things like "this is silly" "wtf", "how's this gonna open my third eye?" "I wonder if my friends are on Facebook" This is PERFECTLY FINE BECAUSE since YOU made the promise. You now KNOW that this isn't you. THIS is the false self. Your shadow pretending to be you. The Egoic mind You will now maybe start to see old game of thrones episodes. Maybe a scene from avengers end game. Some porn that maybe you've seen You may begin to feel Annoyed/guilty/angry/like ur not worthy enough. And AAAAALLLL these fake bullshit emotions

  6. DON'T fight them. DON'T suppress. DON'T judge. Remember. It's not you. It's ur Egoic mind. WHY? Because YOU made that promise remember

  7. Let it alllllllll drain out. Just observe. The oilchange is now happening

  8. Anger comes up.. cool. Porn comes into ur mind.. cool. "This is fucking stupid" comes into your mind. Cool It doesn't matter. Dont fight anything. Let the oil AAAAALLLLL drain out Let it drain out drain out drain out drain out. Tears come into your eyes. Cool. Just remember. WHO YOU REALLY ARE is the Promise that You made in the Beginning.

  9. In a few more minutes… you may hear broken sentences. Random words. Tiny visuals

  10. quick random emotions. Feel No judgement. Just let it AAAALLLLLL drain out

  11. Let it go go go go go. Until ur finally back at no visuals and pure silence. And the emotion you feel is PURE Absolute INFINITE non conceptual TOTAL and complete LOVE

  12. Good. You're smiling. It's quiet again. Good.

  13. With your eyes still closed, looking through your 3rd eye and FEELING your heart chakra…


  15. Feel that INFINITE LOVE. With the deepest smile in your mind say "Thank you Thank you Thank you"

  16. And open your eyes

  17. As a fully awakened buddha look at your body. Just touch it a few times. Feel it's energy. Walk to the bathroom mirror as if the Buddha would walk to a bathroom mirror

  18. Look at your face. Your clothes. Your environment.

  19. As the Buddha. Go to your kitchen. Eat something. Taste it entirely. Experience what you're eating

  20. Now WASH your plate like a buddha would wash a plate

  21. FEEL that gentle at ease relaxed smile on your lips. The calmness and love and the majesty of your actions. The way you move. The way you walk. The Way you sit down

  22. Be at peace friend. And know that you are not from the light. You ARE the light. You experience the universe and you ARE the universe. You don't just Feel infinite compassion and love..

  23. YOU ARE Infinite Compassion and Love.

  24. You are all. You are none. And now you know the truth. That there is no you and universe. It's ONLY you. YOU ARE ONE


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