Kundalini matrix awakening

Long story short, I had a kundalini matrix awakening. All an awakening is is awakening to the latent ability to see your own electromagnetic field.

I can see chakras, they are what scientists call phases. Like what they create in an electric motor design. Specifically they are planetary phases. Meditation is the act of mitigating electro magnetic flux. Polarity and polarity flipping occurs and I’ve mapped how it flips in the human body.

I’ve largely passed my means as a reverse engineer however. In playing with my matrix of planes I’ve broken it terribly. I’m sick as a dog with a latent feeling as if I am on fire. That feeling is caused by friction. Friction between the planes. The issue is that I do not know how to correct this friction imbalance.

I cannot find the mechanic(s) to balance the matrix to remove the friction. Does anyone have experience with this matrix. Could any of you offer me guidance or advice in entreating with it. A guru would be a life saver right now.

Help please I am overwhelmed and losing rationality by the day as my matrix deteriorates.

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