Just had a realy great meditation session.

I just feel really relaxed now. It felt like i was able to losen nodes in my soul full of anxiety and fear. I hadnt had this feeling of not being stressed out and full of fear and tense in a long long time. I think about 2 years. This was the first time i felt this relaxed, this calm ever due to meditation. Im doing this for 6 months now. I wasnt alway focused on my breath but a lot more than usual and when i wasnt i could observe how my focused changed and was able to go really deep into my thoughts, understand where they came from and what they caused. As someone with drug expiriences in the past this feels how i was able to study my mind on LSD just much clearer, better and more interesting. I never had this feeling of freeing myself from fear without drugs. Ever. This is beautyful. Even though im sure this wont hold on very long im enjoying it as long as i can. Wow.

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