In all honesty how is everyone actually doing during this time?

I’m completely lost. I’m gonna be honest. I was planning on graduating university this semester and finding a job in IT. But with how everything is going as of right now the chances look slim. I’m still applying and doing my best but I have never had amazing luck. We shall see. My sleeping schedule is back to being bad, I can’t go to the gym so my health is deteriorating and I’m not eating well. I went from meditating 5-6 a week to 0 and I miss it so much that I am typing this on my meditation cushion.

But I just wanted to know how everyone in here is doing because a lot of my guidance and help came from this particular subreddit. I have realized that I’m not doing that well, which is step one and I’m gonna do my best to take action.

Hope all is well. Stay safe!

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