I’m not a pro, but this is the way I do it.

So I've done meditation for a couple of weeks now. And from my start I always led myself to meditate with NO thinking whatsoever. I know it's not that easy as a starter and I failed at that.But then I thought of something different. Instead of reading of how other people do it, why don't I do it the way it feels comfortable for me?I sit on the ground, cause it works best for me, I criss-cross my legs one under the other, I let my hands loose and let them drop between my thighs, I don't slouch THAT much but I also don't stand so upright with my back cause I feel uncomfortable like that. And for my thoughts, I always try to imagine myself somewhere on a hiiiiigh spot.Now I do this due to the fact that I am terrified of heights, like a phobia, real thing so in my own mind I take the whole fear of heights… as it represents all my fears, doubts, bad moments, sad moments, unhappy moments, angry moments etc.The spot I imagine doesn't always have to be the same image. Like for example, I recently imagined myself on a beautiful mountain, as my body just sat in that position near the edge to the point where I could feel the rocks dropping alllll the way down to their doom, but then I could imagine a beautiful temple maybe, as I sit on the highest balcony or open window, again at the edge. It all has to do with that uneasy feeling.Now talking all about this scary, frightening stuff about my phobia, I then imagine the wind and nearby water. You see, water and air are free elements… and remind me of what freedom means, freeing your body of all fears. Now I don't mean avoid your fears or try not to think about them or simply ignore them, no, I mean understand your fears, there is no shame admitting whose fault was it that you are afraid of something or someone. Next, with the help of the wind I understand that life is just a never-ending cycle, meaning yes these problems have happened or might happen, but I must understand behind those problems, the future remains. The water, helps me heal myself from all the times I've been hurt in my life, to better understand what I must do to not feel that again. Trust is a hard word, some people say it's easy to trust someone, but others have trust issues, both so different from each other yet both realistic, so the water helps me choose my decisions more wisely so I do not feel hurt in the future.

I'm not saying do this technique cause it works 100% but for me it does. All that I ask is you leave a comment on how you do it so I can see other opinions. For me my way makes it so when I open my eyes I feel thankful for what I am and whom I am. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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