Has this happened during meditation to anyone else?

A few nights ago I was meditating working on my third eye and when I first starting awakening I found out I am clairaudient. As I started to deeply go into the relax state and cleared my mind of any thoughts or fears I felt and heard someone on the left side next to my ear release this huge hot breath. I slowly opened my eyes to see if there was a precede next to me and all I saw was half of my pony tail being lifted up almost as if someone was moving it away from my ear to breath in it. It freaked me out so much it broke my meditation and I had to sleep with the lights on and under the covers. This morning I woke up and my left ear felt clogged as if there was something moving in it and then started hurting really bad. It feels a little better now but still feels like there is this energy attached to it??? Was it maybe me going into astral project or my vibration raising and not a presence??

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