Cig and breathing

Hi guys ! I started a therapy 2 years ago because of frequently panic attacks, it drives me to meditation and yoga and helped me so much. I’m not the same person that I used to be 2 years ago and as I felt way much better and able to take care of myself in the way I always wanted it, I stopped the therapy. But here’s the thing, there is ONE thing, always in my head, creating a duality inside of me : cigaret. Now that I’m practing yoga and meditation daily I know how important my breath is to me, and I consider my health but I didn’t find the “thing” to quit, or at least not feel guilty everytime I smoke. I tried to quit but everytime I come back to it. Maybe it was not the right time for me, but I feel a urge inside. I can’t “accept” this, and it cause me some kind of “pain” I don’t want to live with. Are some of you in that situation ? Any tips ? (Sorry for my English, I’m French)

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