Frustrated, just realised that I have in fact been thinking the whole time.

For a little while I have been sitting down to meditate and finding the whole thing quite relaxing. I'd notice a few breaths, then a thought would pop up and I would notice it and let it pass.

However I sat down this morning and realised that now can't even do a simple inhale without having it smothered by thoughts. I believe, in hindsight, that I have been thinking all the time, without me noticing. Usually it's like a meta thought -thinking about how I am thinking, or thinking about noticing a thought "Hey comes a thought, okay let's notice it and not get attached."

Feeling pretty discouraged right now. I feel like I am in a rut.

I have the impression the answer will be to "keep practicing!" Given that meditation is probably the only thing you can't think your way out of.

Touch here for the full post on the Meditating Magicians tumblr

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