Meditation and Cloudy Weather

I grew up and currently live in the Pacific Northwest. We spend about 9 months out of the year in grey, cloudy weather. I have always disliked the fall and winter (and most of the spring) here, because I have attributed some of my depressive tendencies to the gloomy weather.

I have been exploring meditation for the past month or so. The weather is officially starting to turn to its rainy autumn self, and I am reacting differently to it than I can ever remember. I am enjoying the weather change. I am noticing how beautiful the fall colors are, how fresh the air smells , and how peaceful things become when it has rained.

I am excited that I am able to enjoy myself and see the fall in a new light. I owe that mindset change to meditation, and the small amount of knowledge I have gained by reading the posts here. So thank you.

Touch here for the full post on the Meditating Magicians tumblr

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