7 reasons why I think judging is good

So there is plenty that I don't understand about the philosophy of "not judging".

here is a list of my issues with it:

1) There is a judgement about everything and everything. Behind apples, walls, colors, movies, music, people. How are we supposed to disconnect from all of it?

2) Industries are based on judgements: Design, Mode, Interior, Architecture, and if you ask me, high end designer cloths look better than cheap Wallmart cloths, and that isn't subjective. There are laws of nature that dictate beauty. Some woman are called good looking and it is not because of a subjective standard. The argument that "yes it is, proof in some cultures.." isn't a good argument in my opinion.

3) If we people tried to communicate without judging at any point in time, we would spend hours trying to figure out each sentences we say.

4) If you don't want the bad, then it sounds opportunistic to get the good. "Oh Im not a bad person, no Im a GOOD person, oh yes that sounds better"

5) You have two answers:

1+1=2 or 1+1=3

which one do you think is a better answer?

6) There are virtues and morals in the world, if we don't judge Lying or Betraying as bad things, what prevents us from doing it all the time?

7) How do we get better at anything, if we don't judge the last mistake as less good than what is expected?

Touch here for the full post on the Meditating Magicians tumblr

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