First time here thought i would tell you about the limited experiences i have had.

I don't really know what to say. All i have noticed with my meditation is that it helps with pain and i have learnt to meditate while standing not needing massive amount of concentration or stuff like that. But when i do meditate properly it helps me think and figure things out. I tend to find a nice chair and put myself outside listen to birds sing and the trees move. I sometimes put a camo net over myself so the birds fly much closer to me like to the point they land literally in arms reach and not be scared.

I have noticed it allows me to have a good think or help control my anger.

Yet again i could just be my extreme pain tolerance making me think the meditating is working i don't really know. Tell me about yourselfs i am new here.

Touch here for the full post on the Meditating Magicians tumblr

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